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27. Can I be pregnant?

Theme: Safer sex
Unwanted pregnancy

Dear Nyaradzo

I’m sorry you are in this difficult situation. I’m afraid you can get pregnant the first time you have sex. You need to have a pregnancy test to make sure. You can be tested at a clinic, or buy a test kit from a pharmacy.

If you are pregnant, talk to your boyfriend and to someone close to you. Please don’t harm yourself or your baby! Rather talk to people who can help you decide how best to look after the baby. This won’t be easy but hopefully family and friends will help you.

The ‘morning after’ pill is a special combination of contraceptive pills available from a clinic or pharmacy. It prevents pregnancy but only if you take it within 72 hours after having sex.

If you’re not pregnant, you’ve been lucky. Boys really pressure you about sex but, as you’ve found out, sex is no fun if you’re unhappy about doing it.

If you still want to stay with your boyfriend but not have sex, talk to him about it. Spend time with him, but not alone, and avoid alcohol and drugs. They make it harder to stick to what you really want to do.

Finally, I suggest you wait until you’re older and know what you want before you have sex – many people choose to wait until they are married.  This is your choice but whatever you decide, when you do have sex, stay safer by using a male or female condom.

Auntie Stella

Action Points

  • ROLEPLAY: In pairs (a boy and a girl) a boy proposes love to a girl who says she’s got condoms and can help him to put one on. What happens?

  • Do the roleplay again, but swop roles so the boy acts the girl and the girl acts the boy. Is it the same?

  • Then discuss why girls as well as boys who are sexually active should carry condoms.

QUIZ: The female condom

Which of these statements are TRUE and which are FALSE?

Check answers at the bottom of the page.

1 Female condoms protect men and women from pregnancy, STIs and HIV.

2 Female condoms are more expensive than male condoms.

3 A female condom can make a noise when used. To prevent this, put it into your vagina a few hours before you have sex.

4 It’s better to use a spermicidal cream with a female condom.

  • Write a song or slogan encouraging young people to wait until they are older for sex and to stick to one partner. Sing it to or show the others and decide who is most persuasive.

  • See card 32 for more information on what to do if you have an unwanted pregnancy.

ANSWERS: ALL the statements are true.