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1. Should I have sex with my boyfriend?  
2. Will tampons stop me being a virgin - and what will my boyfriend think?  
3. Is my penis too small?  
4. Does my culture mean I must sleep with my sister's husband? (chiramu/sibale)  
5. I'm looking after someone with AIDS - can I get infected?  
6. Can I get AIDS from masturbating?  
7. How can I find a girlfriend and have sex like all my friends?  
8. I'm scared about infertility - what causes it?    
9. My girlfriend's parents have found a husband for her - what can we do?    
10. What can I do about painful menstruation?    
11. I made my girlfriend pregnant - how can I tell my father?
12. I have strong sexual urges - will masturbation help me?
13. I pay for lunches and busfare - surely my girlfriend should have sex with me?  
14. Pimples on my penis - what is wrong?  
15. Periods every two weeks - will I have twins?  
16. We made our girlfriend pregnant to punish her - now I'm worried!  
17. Should teenagers be worried about cervical cancer?  
18. I'm scared of rape - what can I do?  
19. Should I have sex to pay my school fees?  
20. I have 'wet dreams' - is something wrong with me?  
21. How can I cure my terrible pimples?  
22. My landlord's wife wants sex with me!  
23. I'm a virgin but miss many periods - am I infertile?  
24. Can I get AIDS from kissing?  
25. Will smoking mbanje/marijuana cure my shyness with girls?  
26. I can't talk to my difficult parents - what should I do?  
27. Must I tell my girlfriend about my STD?  
28. Love stops me from studying - what can I do?  
29. I only had sex once - can I be pregnant?  
30. What can I do when my teacher wants to have sex with me?  
31. I'm 16 and I want a baby.  
32. Is it possible to kiss and hug but not have sex?  
33. I'm depressed for no reason - please help me!