Reflecting on your answers

Look at the reasons you have listed.

  • Which of the columns has the longer list?
  • Could any of the discouraging factors be dealt with? Try restating each discouraging factor as a phrase beginning 'How to'. Then discuss how you might go about attaining that goal. For example, if one of the discouraging factors in working with a group is its lack of resources, you might restate the problem as 'How to increase the resourcing of the group'. This gives you the opportunity to transform a discouraging factor into a more positive objective.
  • Do you think work with civil society makes health sector work on 'public health concerns' and the reaching of 'poor and disadvantaged groups' more effective?

If your positive reasons outweigh the negative ones, and you think civil society has a role in meeting health goals, then move on to the next module.


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