Reviewing your answers

Compile your lists in a plenary session if you have been working in groups and review further what you have found.

  • Do you know all the civil society groups?
  • What can you do to get a better idea of the different groups and their roles?
  • How strong is the interaction between the civic groups and the health sector?

Choose a key public health goal, such as ensuring safe water supplies, preventing youth smoking, or supporting people with HIV/AIDS.

  • Do any of the civic groups you have listed have a role to play in achieving this goal? What is that role?
  • What measures can the state take to organise civil society to support the public health goal - motivational, compulsive, incentive, joint working? Which are likely to work best?

If the civic groups you know about have a role in achieving public health goals, then let's explore further how well that role is being exercised. This is the theme of the next module.


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