What role does civil society play in financing health systems?
Community contributions towards health have risen, but often through individual out-of-pocket payments. As a result, health systems have become less accessible and less equitable, and revenues have been applied with weak public accountability. Civil society has a role in raising the issues of fair financing in health systems and the increasing demand for public accountability in managing public funds.

Do decentralization policies incorporate civil society?
Competing resource claims demand transparent decision-making processes. These are promised by decentralization policies, but mechanisms for participation and accountability have been inadequate in a number of ways. Civil society can help to strengthen decentralization programmes.

Is the health sector making best use of the resources within civil society?
Civil society is still weakly integrated into health systems and there is scope for strengthening civil society itself.

KEYWORDS: participation, community involvement in health, user fees, equitable health financing, decentralization

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