Crossing the river: an exercise in dealing with priority health problems

This exercise works with an exercise called 'Stepping Stones', which is a participatory reflection and action (PRA) tool. PRA is described in more detail in Module 5 Resources and tools for work with civil society. You may want to read about it now.

You can do this exercise as an individual or with a group of people. If you do it as an individual on paper follow the same steps a group would take.

Identify a priority health problem, such as:

  • STIs in women, or
  • tuberculosis.

Imagine that you are on one side of a river. Where you are, the people have the public health problem. On the other side of the river, the public health problem has been eliminated or controlled. Mark two lines on the floor (or on paper if you are doing it individually), one for each side of the river, with some distance between them.

What do you need to do to get across the river?


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