A battery of approaches have been used in health campaigns

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Strengthening civil-state interactions

Identifying the civic organisations to work with

Working with communities
Supporting information exchange

Other skills
Checking our progress

Interactive exercise

These include:

  • shareholder resolutions
  • consumer boycotts
  • direct negotiations
  • monitoring and exposing abuses
  • winning media attention, and using films, documentaries
  • monitoring and gathering data
  • building coalitions
  • lobbying strategies using simple slogans and clear messages
  • direct actions (landmine campaign delivered shoes, set up 'landmine fields', wall of remembrance)
  • recruiting highly visible, well known people.

While these actions fall outside the scope of what most health workers learn, they certainly fall within the scope of what constitutes 'stewardship'. Wherever valid arguments need to be endorsed publicly or institutionally, health planners certainly need to know how to relate to and work with such advocacy processes.