Auntie Stella

10. My girlfriend’s pregnant!

Theme: Unwanted pregnancy
Relationships with family and community

Dear Auntie Stella

I am a 17-year-old boy doing Form 4. I am old enough to propose love to girls but I am still a scholar. My father always warned me that if he ever saw me or heard rumours that I was in love with a girl, it would be the end of my schooling.

As I reached my teens I became attracted to girls and turned a deaf ear to what my father said. I started to propose love to girls and had sex with one of them. Now this girl has told me she is pregnant and says she will be coming to stay with me as my wife. I have not yet told my father about this because I am afraid of losing my education.

Please Auntie help me on this because I am worrying daily


Talking points

  • Why do you think Vusi didn’t listen to his father’s advice? Do young people usually follow their parents’ advice?

  • What can Vusi and his girlfriend do now?

  • Look at the picture below, from a drawing by Takatso Sibanda, a student from Bulawayo. Do you think it is possible to enjoy life and still be responsible?