Auntie Stella

11. I have strong sexual urges

Theme: Growing up
Safer sex

Dear Auntie Stella

I am a guy aged 15 doing Form 2. My problem is that when I see a nice girl or just think about sex, my penis becomes erect and uncontrollable and I am afraid people can notice it. Some of my friends tell me to masturbate but others say that you can go blind, or you will never have children if you do it. I am also worried because some church people say that it is sinful and people will be punished if they do this thing. In the first place, is masturbation good? I would be glad if you could tell me its effects before I do it.

I would greatly appreciate your help. 


Talking points

  • Do you think a lot of boys have erections (get hard penises) when they think about sex? What can they do to stop themselves from getting erect if this makes them embarrassed?

  • What is masturbation? How would you describe it to a younger brother or sister who asked you? How do you think it can help young people?

  • What advice would you give Simba?