Auntie Stella

17. Should I have sex for money?

Theme: Forced sex
Changing Society

Dear Auntie Stella

I am a 19 year-old girl, wanting to do O Levels this year. My parents are late and I stay with my grandmother. My uncle used to send money for my school fees but last year he also died and no one else can help me. I really want to complete school and do my exams so I can get a job, but I cannot find the money for the fees. Also the exams are too expensive. Is it right to have sex for money because I can't think of any other way to complete my education? In this place there are many men who will pay for sex, but I am afraid of this work. My friend who does it told me that sometimes the men refuse to pay enough and one man also beat her up. Please, Auntie, help me to solve this problem.


Talking points

  • Work in pairs. One of you is Similo, one is a man who wants to pay her to have sex with him. (Maybe she wants him to use a condom, but he disagrees.)

  • a Have a conversation.

    b Afterwards, tell the group what was said in your conversation.

    c Also say how you felt when you were acting this out.

    d Finally, discuss anything you learnt from doing this.

  • Draw a flow chart, like the one below, to show all the advantages and disadvantages of doing sex work for someone in Similo‚Äôs situation. Is the money worth the risks?