Auntie Stella

18. I have ‘wet dreams’

Theme: Growing up

Dear Auntie Stella

I am a boy of 15 and I have a problem which I hope is easy for you to solve. I have never slept with a girl but I often experience dreams about girls. When I wake up from this I find there is a sticky wet place because I have ‘come’ from my penis. This happens even if I am not thinking about sex.

Now I am worried that if I get married this might affect my relationship with my wife since it happens three or four times a week. I am feeling guilty because of these dreams but I do not know how to stop them.

Is there something wrong with my body, or is it my fault that I keep having these dreams?


Talking points

  • Do you know if this often happens to boys? 

  • What do you think causes ‘wet dreams’?

  • Do you think these dreams mean that…

    –Edson is perfectly normal?

    –Edson should go to the clinic?

    –Edson must have sex soon before he gets sick?
  • Will Edson still have wet dreams when he gets married or starts having sex?