Auntie Stella

2. Is my penis too small?

Theme: Growing up

Dear Auntie Stella

I am a guy about to turn 14 and there is a problem which is really bothering me. It’s my penis which is too small. I am worried because it is not growing like others I have seen and that this will affect my life when I have sex later. Please tell me Auntie, what is the correct size penis for a 14-year-old boy because this is making me miserable.


Talking points

*Why do you think boys worry about the size of their penises? Is penis size also important to girls?

*Why do boys have different size penises? What does it depend on:

–their age?

–their physical build (if they’re heavy or light, solid or skinny)?

–the penis size of their father or brothers?

– whether they have had sex or not?– other causes?

*Is there a ‘correct’ size for a 14-year-old boy like Peter?

*Do you think the size of a man’s penis affects how he can satisfy his partner when they have sex? What else is important?

*What other worries do teenage boys – and girls – have about their bodies? Go into girls-only or boys-only groups. Draw a picture of your bodies. Mark the parts you and your friends might worry about. What would you say to someone with these worries to make them feel better? Talk about your ideas and try to decide which are the best and why.