Auntie Stella

20. She wants to have sex with me

Theme: Forced sex
Changing Society

Dear Auntie Stella

I am a 15-year-old boy and I lodge in the town close to my school. My parents work in a mine about 40kms away. Sometimes my parents are late in sending me money to pay the rent and then the landlord’s wife comes into my room asking me for sex. I am scared that if I say no she will throw me out and I won’t have anywhere to stay.

So far I’ve always managed to make excuses to get her out of my room before she gets too ‘hot’ but things are getting worse.  I can’t tell anyone about this and I don’t know what to do. If the landlord finds her in my room I am sure he will blame me.image


Talking points

  • Do you think boys can be raped.  By women? By men?

  • What does society say about these boys? Is it any different if a girl is raped?

  • What is the difference between rape and indecent assault?

  • Who should Oliver tell about this? What else can he do?

  • How can his parents help?