Auntie Stella

21. My periods are irregular

Theme: Growing up
Relationships with family and community

Dear Auntie Stella

I am a girl aged 15 years old. I started my periods when I was 13 years old. Now my problem is that I haven’t had my periods for the last four months. I am a virgin and have never had a boyfriend. Is there something wrong with me? My friends say that I am infertile. Is this true? Please help because I’m scared that maybe I can’t have children.


Talking points

  • Do most girls you know have regular periods (once a month) or irregular ones?

    Girls: Tell your group about yours.

    Boys: Share what you know.
  • Discuss the reasons why some girls have irregular periods like Pauline.

  • Do you think it is likely that missing periods means that Pauline is infertile?

  • What other beliefs about boys, girls, sex, pregnancy or similar topics do you know about in your community?  Make a list. For example, if you have periods every two weeks, you’ll have twins or if a boy has hair on his face, it means he has had sex.

  • Which ones do you agree with, and which are myths (ideas many people believe, but they aren’t true)?