Auntie Stella

32. I don’t want this baby

Theme: Unwanted pregnancy

Dear Auntie Stella

I’m 16 years old, still at school and pregnant! I want to kill myself. I only had sex with my boyfriend a few times and yet it still happened. I told my boyfriend but he just says how does he know it’s his. He won’t even talk to me. If I tell my parents they’ll kick me out. My mother works hard to pay my school fees. She’ll be so angry that I have done this.

I really don’t want this baby and I don’t want to end my studies. I’m desperate but I can’t tell anybody. The only solution I can think of is to find someone who can get rid of the pregnancy, but I’m scared and I don’t have any money to pay. Please help me decide what to do.



Talking points

  • Make a list of the different choices available to Priscilla now that she is pregnant. Then make a diagram like in the example below to show the possible consequences – good and bad – of each one. Discuss your ideas. What would you choose to do if you were Priscilla?

  • Priscilla is thinking about getting rid of the baby. What are the dangers of illegal abortions?

  • Why do you think Priscilla’s boyfriend stopped talking to her? How do you think he feels?  What can the boy – and his family – do in a situation like this?

  • How can Priscilla find a way to tell her parents about the pregnancy so they will accept and help her?