Auntie Stella

36. My sugar daddy treats me badly

Theme: Sex and relationships
Forced sex

Dear Auntie Stella

I am a girl of 16 years. I dropped out of school because I want to be a model. My boyfriend is a businessman and also owns a big farm. I met him three months ago when I was at his store and he proposed love to me.

My friends told me to agree because he had the three Cs: cash, car and cellphone. They said sugar daddies give you clothes and proper food like chicken.


At first he gave me presents and said he would help me become a model. He even gave my brother a job on his farm. We went in his car and even stayed at hotels. But now he only wants to have sex and go. He shouts if I ask for anything, and calls me a prostitute.

Last week I asked him to use a condom because it was safer but he got angry and hurt me when we had sex. He says if I want presents I must give him sex without wrappers. He promised to get herbs for me if I need them. But I am still afraid. He has not said any more about me being a model.

Auntie, what can I do? I boasted to my friends to make them jealous and they will laugh at me if I ask for advice.


Talking points

  • In pairs, draw a picture of a sugar daddy and his girlfriend. If you like, add labels to give more details. Explain your pictures to the whole group.

  • Why do older men like to have young girlfriends like Nyarai?

  • Why do some teenage girls like to have sugar daddies? Are some reasons good and others bad?

  • What advice would you give to Nyarai?