Auntie Stella

37. Love stops me from studying

Theme: Growing up

Dear Auntie Stella

I am a 17-year-old boy and I have a girlfriend at my school who I love very much. I am doing my O levels and I really want to do well. But now I love my girlfriend so much that I am becoming dull in class.

I find everything boring, even books, as she comes into my mind all the time. At one time I decided I should drop her and get on with my work but I couldn’t – after all, she hasn’t done anything wrong to me. So what is the best thing to do? Please help me, Auntie. I am worried that I will fail my exams.


Talking points


  • Do you think Farayi’s problem is a common one for teenagers at school?

  • Have you ever found that love made you lose interest in everything else?

    a How long did it last?

    b Did you find a way to control this?

    c What happened in the end?

  • What advice can you give to Farayi? Should he drop his girlfriend? What can he do if he wants to keep her but not fail his exams?

  • Read this poem by Laura and Monica. Have you ever felt like this?

Love and learning

My hand is stuck – I can’t write a thing, except

Your name – the only thing that makes sense.

My head says, ‘Learn!’

My heart says ‘PaulC9’

What used to matter has gone

Behind the smokescreen of my burning love!

Clouding the essence of my life – my education

But, hey!

Love won’t pave the way

To a prosperous career

Or keep the wolf at bay

I MUST wake up from this reverie

Laura Moyo and Monica Masukusa