Auntie Stella

39. How can I cure my terrible pimples?

Theme: Growing up

Dear Auntie Stella

I am 15 and my problem is that I have pimples on my face, which become so painful when washing. This problem started when I was 14, but there has been no improvement since then.

I once asked my aunt about it and she told me it was a sign of maturity. She did not know how to cure it. Since then, although I have asked many other people, no-one can help. I even asked the nurse at the clinic who told me to wash my face with a mild soap and I always do that. To my surprise the pimples have got even worse making my face very ugly. I sometimes feel so ugly that I don’t go out with my friends.

Please Auntie help me choose the right lotion to use before I visit a n’anga.



Talking points

  • What do you think could be the cause of Joan’s pimples?

  • What might reduce these pimples or stop them from getting worse…

    a Are certain foods good or bad for your skin?

    b Are certain drinks good or bad for your skin?

    c Are certain soaps or lotions good or bad for your skin?

    d Do you have any other ideas?
  • Who can help – a doctor, herbalist, n’anga or somebody else?