Auntie Stella

6. I want to have sex like all my friends!

Theme: Growing up
Sex and relationships

Dear Auntie Stella

I am a 16-year-old boy in Form 3 at a boarding school. My problem is this: I know many girls but I would like a proper girlfriend so we can enjoy love together. All my friends boast when they speak about having sex and I would also like to be doing this.

I am afraid that I am getting so old that when I finally find a girlfriend she’ll laugh at my failure to do it well. I am thinking seriously about going to see a n’anga (traditional healer) for love potions for these girls to like me very much. Please auntie, give me some advice. 


Talking points

  • What is the difference between love and sex?

  • Do you think it is true that Titus’ friends have already had sex? If it isn’t true, why are they pretending?

  • What successes do you pretend about? Is this helpful or harmful for you and your friends?

  • Why do you think you and your friends want to be the same as each other and do the same things? What is good about this? What dangers are there in this?

  • Do you ever disagree with what your friends are doing? Do you tell them about it or keep quiet?

  • Should Titus go to the n’anga? What other advice would you give him?