Auntie Stella

8. My teacher wants to have sex with me

Theme: Forced sex
Relationships with family and community

Dear Auntie Stella

I am a girl aged 15 doing Form 2 at boarding school. My science teacher came to teach at the school only this year. Last year we had no science teacher and he offered to give some of us extra lessons to make up for work we had missed.

After one of these lessons the teacher asked me to stay behind to help clear up the charts.As soon as my friends had gone he began to touch my private parts and tell me that he loved me. I was too embarrassed and scared to tell him to stop.

Now I am afraid to go to his classes in case he does the same again. What can I do? I am falling behind with my work. 


Talking points


  • Has anything like this ever happened to anyone you know? Only to girls, or also to boys? What happened to the teacher?

  • Should Sithabile…

    – stop worrying since it isn’t important?

    – keep quiet but stop going to science?

    – tell someone immediately: a close friend, her parents, another teacher or the head of the school?

    – tell everybody, including the police, and try and get the teacher fired?

    – try and persuade the teacher to marry her?

    – do something else? What?
  • What can Sithabile do if the teacher tries this again?