Auntie Stella

9. My best friend’s gay and loves me

Theme: Changing Society

Dear Auntie Stella

I’m a 15-year-old boy, and I’ve got a good friend called Misheck. I’ve known him for ages.We live in the same area, we’re in the same class and we both play football for the first team in school.

Last week he told me that he’s gay and that he loves me and he wants me to be his boyfriend. I just couldn’t believe it! He doesn’t look funny and he’s good at sports, so how can he be gay?

I just don’t know what to do. I really like him but only as a friend – not anything else at all. I’m scared that he’ll try to kiss me or something awful like that. I’m also really scared that if other people find out about him they’ll think I’m gay too, even though I’ve got a girlfriend.

I don’t think I can be his friend any more but we’re still in the same class and in the same team. What can I do? Should I tell someone about him, at school or in his family? Please help me.


Talking points

  • Do you think Misheck was right to tell Samuel how he felt? Why or why not? How do you think he felt before he told Samuel? And what about now, after he has told him?

  • What do you think about Samuel’s worries? Sympathetic, angry or something else? And what advice would you give him?

  • What ideas do people you know have about gay men and women? What names do they have for them? Are most of the ideas positive or negative? Which ones do you think are true?
    Choose one or more of these roleplays.

    –Samuel tells everyone about Misheck (four or more people)

    –Samuel tells Misheck he can’t be his friend any more (two people)

    –Samuel tells Misheck that he’ll still be his friend, but not his boyfriend (two people)

  • At the end, all the actors must say how they felt in their roles.Then all discuss which solution was best.