Where is the potential for success in civil society-health sector interactions?

Positive features exist within civil society…

The positive options we have explored here signal potentials for civil society to:

  • contribute to public health interventions
  • build accountability in public policy
  • promote equity within health systems
  • monitor quality and responsiveness within health services
  • counter malpractice within health services.

The civil actions which promise to be successful:

  • are often self-initiated, motivated by a problem or opportunity to resolve a problem;
  • are strongly linked to perceived benefits;
  • build trust and cooperation;
  • use and give value to community experience and to a community voice;
  • involve civic groups and their members before agendas are finalized;
  • involve effective bridging organizations between services and communities;
  • nurture local organization, networking, resources and capacities within grassroots organizations;
  • progressively institutionalize successful processes;
  • obtain effective, timely and sustained technical assistance and services.

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