Training and Research Support Centre

Training and Research Support Centre (TARSC) provides training, research and support services to state and civil society organisations at national and international levels. TARSC is a learning and knowledge organization, with a particular focus on skills building, research and technical support and a commitment to long term capacity building in the public sector and in civil society.

Methods Reader and workshops on Participatory Action Research TARSC with EQUINET, IDRC Canada and Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research has produced a methods reader on participatory action research (PAR) that draws on examples and experiences globally. The reader was launched at the Global Symposium on Health Systems Research September 2014 and is available in English and in Spanish

Promising primary care systems TARSC has led cross country research on promising practices in primary care as a key element of equitable health systems and primary health care. The reports on the learning from promising primary care practice in selected high and middle income countries can now be found in the publications bibliography with an overall technical synthesis produced of the learning.

Global Health Diplomacy TARSC is co-ordinating an international programme exploring the role of global health diplomacy (GHD), including south –south diplomacy, in addressing selected key challenges to health and strengthening health systems working with institutions in EQUINET and Carleton University Canada. In March 2015 a regional workshop was held in Johannesburg to discuss the findings of the research and the work will be published in 2015 in a special issue of the Journal for Health Diplomacy.

National Research Forum on Universal Health Coverage: Ministry of Health and Child Care (MoHCC), National Institute for Health Research and TARSC held a two day national research forum on March 19 and 20 2015 under the theme ‘Evidence for advancing Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in Zimbabwe’. The forum report will be made available on the TARSC website in early May

Latest Activities

THREE DAY TRAINING ON PUBLIC HEALTH AND THE PUBLIC HEALTH ACT 6-8 JULY 2015, Closing date for applications 8 May 2015 1700: TARSC and Ministry of Health and Child Care are holding a three day training course on 6-8 July 2015 in Harare for mid and field level people who have a role in implementing public health. Interested persons should contact the Programme Coordinator, Public Health Act Short Course Training email and and give full name, email, fax and physical contact information to obtain further details and the application form.

Latest TARSC Publications

Investigacion-accion participativa en sistemas de salud: Una gui­a de metodos
(April 2015)
Types of work: Participatory Action Research, Training resources
Areas of work: Community and Public health, Equity in health
Country: Unknown Country
URL: Spanish PAR Reader March 2015lfs.pdf

Latest EQUINET Publications

Case study brief: Strengthening the capacities health centre committees as health advocates in Zimbabwe
Themes: Equitable health services, Governance and participation in health
Country: Zimbabwe
URL: HCC Zimbabwe Brief March2015.pdf
Zimbabwe Equity Watch 2014
Training and Research Support Centre; Ministry of Health and Child Care, Zimbabwe (2015)
Themes: Equity in health, Values, policies and rights, Equitable health services, Resource allocation and health financing
Country: Zimbabwe
URL: Zimbabwe Equity Watch 2014.pdf
Case study brief: Communities shaping health centre committee roles and policy in Eastern Cape Province, South Africa,
EQUINET; Learning Network for Health and Human rights UCT; TARSC (2015)
Themes: Values, policies and rights, Equitable health services
Country: South Africa
URL: HCC South Africa Brief March2015.pdf
Investigación-Acción Participativa En Sistemas De Salud: Una Guía De Métodos
Loewenson R; Laurell AC; Hogstedt C; D’Ambruoso L; Shroff Z (2015)
Themes: Equity in health, Values, policies and rights
Country: International
URL: Spanish PAR Reader March 2015 for web.pdf
Discussion paper 105: Annotated literature review and reflections from practice: Conceptual frameworks and strategies for research on global health diplomacy
Blouin C; Molenaar Neufeld B; Pearcey M (2015)
Themes: Governance and participation in health
Country: International
URL: Diss 105 GHD Methods 2015.pdf
PRA report: Community Strengthening for a People Centred Primary Health Care System: The Case of Cassa Banana Community in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights; Zimbabwe National Network or People living with HIV and AIDS; Training and Research Support Centre (2015)
Themes: Governance and participation in health
Country: Zimbabwe
URL: PRA Rep Cassa Banana Feb 2015.pdf
Discussion paper 104: Medicines production and procurement in east and southern Africa and the role of south-south co-operation
Themes: Equitable health services, Public-private mix, Governance and participation in health
Country: East and southern Africa region
URL: GHD Meds Diss Paper 104.pdf
Annotated bibliography of e- platforms used in participatory and peer to peer exchange and learning
Loewenson T (2013)
Themes: Governance and participation in health
Country: Zimbabwe
URL: Ann bib of e- platforms Dec2014.pdf
The Role of Health Committees in Equitable, People-centred Health Systems in the Southern and East African Region
Mdaka K; Haricharan H; London L (2014)
Themes: Governance and participation in health
URL: HCC Regional Mtg Rep Sep2014l.pdf
Participatory action research in people centred health systems: International Workshop Report, 4 October 2014
Themes: Equity in health, Values, policies and rights, Governance and participation in health, Monitoring equity and research to policy
Country: International
URL: EQUINET ALAMES PAR workshop rep 4 October2014 lfs.pdf

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