Evidence for Equitable Health Systems

The research work at TARSC ranges from participatory and community based research and monitoring to more formal research studies and policy analyses.

Research and review on equitable health systems TARSC has worked with partners and WHO in a range of research and review programmes on equitable health systems, globally as part of the lead group in the Health Systems Knowledge Network of the Commission on the Social Determinants of Health and through more focused work in Europe, Africa and Latin America. TARSC has contributed to information materials on Robust and Equity Oriented Health Systems with WHO Euro, on Evaluating intersectoral processes for action on the social determinants of health with WHO HQ and on case examples of intersectoral action for health with WHO AFRO.

Evaluating civil society roles in budget advocacy for sexual and reproductive health. TARSC has worked with WHO, HLSP to evaluate civil society roles in budget advocacy for sexual and reproductive heath in Uganda as part of a wider international programme. The report is available on this website.

Community based systems in HIV treatment TARSC participated in the consortium in the EU ACP supported CoBaSys programme strengthening community voice in AIDS programmes in east and southern Africa (ESA). TARSc led in the work using PRA approaches on factors that facilitate and block access to, use and effective coverage of services and responses to HIV, and to identify approaches and services that support community responses to HIV and AIDS.

Skills training for Community based research. TARSC trains organisations in community based research. The training programme is in two stages. Stage 1 provides basic skills in research and survey methods, and support to develop research questions, field tools and protocols. The field work is then implemented and a copy of the results sent to TARSC to prepare the materials for the second stage training. In Stage 2 the training course covers analysis and reporting, working with the data generated in the field research. Training is tailored to the needs of the organisations. Organisations interested in this training programme are invited to contact TARSC at

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Haciendo Visible el Cambio Evaluación de los Esfuerzos para Fomentar la Participación Social en la Salud
(January 2023)
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