About Us

A learning and knowledge organisation

TARSC is a non profit learning and knowledge organization. Our work is organised around our core areas of work, that are

  • Community based and participatory research
  • Community monitoring
  • General Research
  • Sectoral skills training
  • Research skills training
  • Material development
  • Information resource centre
  • Web, IT and publications

TARSC governance is through a board of directors. Specific areas of work draw policy advice from steering groups and technical working groups with expertise in the area of work to provide advice and guidance on the key goals, institutional and programme developments and organisational frameworks. TARSC has administrative and technical units. Any activity in the organization is an outcome of the combined inputs of all of our units, with mutual respect among the personnel in all units for the role they each play.

We co-operate with a range of institutions in our various areas of work internationally. Our partners and links pages outline some of the organisations that we work with. Our partners are also recognised in our publications.

We produce programme and institutional reports and are externally audited. Please contact us at admin@tarsc.org for further information on our reports.

If you would like to know more about TARSC please email us at admin@tarsc.org.