TARSC runs training courses at community, national and international level and has expertise in course design and facilitation. The site provides updates on training activities that we are involved in. Information on our regional training on equity in health is available at the EQUINET website.


Community based training

Regional Health Literacy and participatory action research training TARSC is working with Lusaka District Health Management Team and Ministry of Health Zambia to extend health literacy at national level. A video on the programme can be found at In Uganda, TARSC is working with HEPS Uganda and five civil society organisations (HEPS, CEHURD, AGHA, UNHCO and NAFOPHANU) to introduce and extend health literacy in selected districts. Institutions interested in the health literacy programme please email to with HEALTH LITERACY in the subject line.

Short course training on the Public Health Act, 14-16 July 2014 – Call closes 15 June 2014 The Training and Research Support Centre and Ministry of Health and Child Care (MoHCC) in association with the Advisory Board of Public Health (PHAB) are holding a three day training course on 14-16 July 2014 at Cresta Oasis Hotel, Harare for mid and field level people who have a role in implementing the Public Health Act. The programme is aimed at building knowledge to support implementation of the Public Health Act and its regulations. Interested persons should contact for further information and application forms.

Community monitoring for social accountability TARSC has been working with Open Society Foundation at regional level to strengthen conceptual and operational approaches to community monitoring for social accountability and empowerment in health. TARSC has implemented assessments of the implementation of the BEAM fund in Education and the Health Services Fund in Health at local level. Budget monitoring is being implemented as a means of promoting equity and social determinants of health.

Community Based Research Skills Training TARSC is carrying out training for community based members of civil society and public sector institutions to support local level skills for assessments and monitoring, and to build and use evidence based approaches to planning and management of programmes. Reports of recent work are on this site. The training is provided through a two stage basic course linked to mentored field projects. Institutions interested in the training please email with COMMUNITY BASED RESEARCH in the subject line.

Latest Publications

Skills building on methods and tools for learning from action in participatory action research: Building action learning within affected actors and communities
(January 2017)
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Areas of work: Community and Public health
Country: Zimbabwe

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