We have a range of information resources to support research and training for civil society and public sector organisations. We welcome you to visit our information resource centre in Harare, Zimbabwe at the TARSC offices! The centre has over 3 000 publications on major areas of social and economic policy. We also have hardcopies of all of TARSC publications.

Our website is now also a part of our information resource centre! With help from Fahamu we have designed and developed a number of databases for your use and we maintain them through TARSC. On our site you can find

Latest Publications

Experiences of social power and participation in local health systems-Volume 2: Key features of the deep scan case studies
(August 2017)
Types of work: General Research, Policy analysis, Information resources
Areas of work: Community and Public health
Country: Unknown Country
URL: SOCEMP Vol 2 deep case study summary.pdf

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