Auntie Stella


Auntie Stella was produced by Training and Research Support Centre (Zimbabwe)
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How have people adapted ‘Auntie Stella’?

In quite a few ways.

In quite a few ways. Some organizations have changed the Talking and Action Points on a few selected cards and used them with parents so they can discuss how to communicate better with their children. Others have adapted the way they use the cards so that young people can read them in a variety of different settings.

‘Auntie Stella’ has also been translated from English into Shona and Ndebele. In 2006, organisations in Tanzania adapted some of the letters and replies and then translated them into Kiswahili; they also changed some of the names.

Since then, Auntie Stella has also been translated into Portuguese and Chichewa.

If you need help in adapting ‘Auntie Stella’, please contact us.

Fair use

And please remember that ‘Auntie Stella’ is copyrighted to the Training and Research Support Centre. We encourage wide use of the material for non-profit purposes but, under the copyright, we require that any organisation wanting to adapt the material first obtain permission from TARSC and comply with copyright requirements. Please send us an email for more information on what that means.

See also Tarsc's fair use policy

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