Auntie Stella


Auntie Stella was produced by Training and Research Support Centre (Zimbabwe)
Box CY2720, Causeway, Harare, Zimbabwe
Phone: 263-4-795124

There are 40 letters and replies to look at. It’s easy to move between them – just click on the card you want to read and follow the instructions. Or choose a theme you want to explore and select the relevant cards related to that theme. Make sure you do the Talking Points before you clink on the reply and that you do the activities in the Action Points at the end. And remember – it’s fine if you don’t agree with Auntie Stella. What matters is that you work out the best options for your life.

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1. Should I sleep with him?

2. Is my penis too small?

3. Must I sleep with my sister’s husband?

4. I’m looking after someone with AIDS

5. I am the head of my family now

6. I want to have sex like all my friends!

7. I had an STI – am I infertile?

8. My teacher wants to have sex with me

9. My best friend’s gay and loves me

10. My girlfriend’s pregnant!

11. I have strong sexual urges

12. I pay for lunch, don’t I deserve sex?

13. Pimples on my penis!

14. I may be HIV positive

15. I’m worried about cervical cancer

16. I was raped

17. Should I have sex for money?

18. I have ‘wet dreams’

19. What are antiretrovirals?

20. She wants to have sex with me

21. My periods are irregular

22. Should I tell him I’m HIV positive?

23. Will mbanje cure my shyness

24. My parents are difficult

25. Must I tell her about my STI?

26. I’m HIV positive. Am I going to die?

27. Can I be pregnant?

28. My girlfriend’s getting married

29. A teacher got my friend pregnant

30. My husband is unfaithful

31. I’m depressed for no reason

32. I don’t want this baby

33. My church says condoms are wrong

34. I’m gay - will anyone love me?

35. I have painful periods

36. My sugar daddy treats me badly

37. Love stops me from studying

38. My mother has HIV and says so

39. How can I cure my terrible pimples?

40. I’m HIV positive and pregnant

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